80s Fashion Trends

Living in California for almost ten years (mid 70s to mid 80s) I discovered first hand that most of the fashion trends, in the US anyway, tend to begin in the West because that’s where most of the Stars reside , then move far east, leaving the mid range of the US wondering what they should be wearing at the time, not to mention that the speed of which this happens is amazing! 80s fashion was No different. Besides the fact that one of the icons that made this type fashion a hit and played a huge role in creating it, “Madonna” started her career in NY.

A few times a year, there seems to be a shift in fashions. I take a look around at fashion today and get a little confused. I see all the high school stuff. From clothing, to jewelry, to shoes, to makeup. It all changes rapidly, but yet seems to flow in a circle. You never know what to buy because the trends come & go so quickly. Quite often you can look back at the things you wore when you were young and wonder, what were you thinking?

Madonna Wearing Bracelets in 1983Can you figure these kids out these days? Some of the trends are a little off the wall. It’s amazing how much can change from generation to generation. I can now see why my parents would stop, stare and snicker at times. They probably thought, “What in the world is he doing?” Regardless of the latest fashion, as a parent you might as well get informed or your kids may leave you in the dust. Don’t you want to know what’s going on?

“What was with the jelly bracelets in the 80s fashion trends?” Can you believe that jelly bracelets have come back around already? Are these really part of the current fashion trends again? Yes indeed! They were just here in the 80s, made extremely popular by Madonna. I also wonder, is the big hair coming back next? “Already Started my friends!”

If you are lacking in the fashion department regardless of your current age, it’s certainly not hard to catch up.

Click on your television and take a gander at what fashion trends are big on MTV and all the teen & adult dramas. You’ll get a full dose of the hair, makeup, and apparel. Another great source for the fashion of today is the World-Wide-Web. Virtually any recent trends and styles you can fathom will be found in cyberspace.

You’ll also find interesting features in fashion magazines, such as interviews with celebrities, articles on the latest hair styling products and hair styles as well as which shoes they wear! ;)

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