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Madonna 80s Fashion After Halloween

Like myself, most people probably won’t be shopping for a Halloween costume again, including (Madonna costumes) until next year, right? Well that depends. 80s fashion has been popular since it’s infancy and quite frankly continues to be.

There are many other fun occasions where a costume of sorts can be used, think about it. Costume parties for one, there are many characters you can sport besides the usual Toga outfit or what ever.

That’s where Madonna and her style of attire come into play. Madge’s 80s style fashion isn’t only about her big hairdos and red lipstick, its also about her bangle bracelets, hair ties, wild belts, cool low boots/booties etc., all accessories that you can easily use to create your own 80s style with, or apply your efforts to going all out and becoming the best damn Madonna you can, or even another fashionable, totally tubular woman of the 80s.

Don’t hang your costume clothing up in the closet for the year to collect dust, bring it back to life, at least intermittent life, with some new accessories or wig and makeup. There’s always room for, and a time for, 80s like fashion. A trend that will never die!

Madonna Accessories

Need help choosing the right accessories to go with your totally bitchen 80s Madonna fashion!

Without the perfect Madonna accessories it’s like serving a drink without the proper garnish, you need to find the right accessories to complete your look.

A good idea when looking for the perfect MD accessories, for example, is to go online and learn a bit both about your character including (if an actual person) their life style, reputation, etc.. and possibly the event itself, whether it be Halloween or another type of dress occasion.

Sure, you might get some strange looks because of some of the items you pick out (especially when it comes to Madonna), but you’ll have a killer outfit and just as important, the type of Halloween costume/outfit accessories that capture the spirit of the character in question.

As you probably already know, the Internet has hundreds if not thousands of stores dedicated to helping you with your quest. Whether you want to go to a Halloween specialty store for your Madonna Accessories, a clothiers of your choice, a generic costume shop, maybe even your local store in the mall or shopping center, you have options both in terms of walk-in stores or online.

Madonna 300

Madonna 300—Karen Blue (

Accessory Items You’ll Need:

Short skirt
Bustier top or black tank top
Black lace fingerless gloves
Black ankle boots
Biker-style leather jacket (optional)
Curling Iron
Big lace hair ribbon
Black eyeliner and eyebrow liner
Red lipstick
Bangle bracelets
Long necklaces (Crosses and religious symbols)
Dangling earrings
Crinoline from under a formal dress or wear a simple mini skirt