Madonna the “Material Girl” and Fashion Queen

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Various Madonna Costumes

Madonna was deemed the Material Girl, and rightly so, but had already started introducing the wardrobe for such, beginning with “Everybody” and continuing through with “Burning Up”, “Holiday”, “Lucky Star”, “Borderline”, “Like a Virgin” “Material Girl” and “Crazy for You”, almost to 1985.

Madonna Early Records

Though around the time of her second singles release “Material Girl” from her second album “Like a Virgin”, in 1984 was probably her most riveting period (from late 1983-1985) and one that spawned the legendary trend setting attire that most MD fans recall and still see today. Let’s face it, in our opinion, Madonna started the look that turned heads young and old!

Here at Madonna Costumes, we want to assist you in finding the most vast selection of 80s, 90s… Madonna costumes, accessories, and as much just plain period fun as possible. You’ll find various representations of the icon pop star as she danced and sang her way to universal stardom!

Let’s start out with the early Madonna, The Material Girl look and before, the images that truly made her famous.

As you can see from these actual Madonna photos (credits: The Tribune,,, © 2006 WMG Lucky Star) that she started very early in her career gearing up to be the undisputed top selling female recording artist of all time, selling over 300 Million records!

The early 80s Madonna (or now commonly referred to as “Madge”) as we knew her:

Early Madonna Pictorial History

As you browse through the pics (starting at the top left to right) you’ll see that even as a mere child, Madonna, as the “Material Girl” was oozing from her veins. Multicolor bangle bracelets mostly black and white, big hair with big lace hair ribbon, and of course her infamous (sometimes multiple) large necklaces and big dangling earrings mostly of a religious nature…

Baggie clothes with ankle booties or boots, elbow length formals, black lace fingerless gloves, leggings, short skirts, bustier top or black tank tops all were her obvious attire of choice, heck she even turned crinoline from under a formal dress into an outerwear fad.

As we all know Madonna loved her accessories!

In fact you seldom would see her without her beloved extensions of her personality, especially in the Material Girl days, yet even continued all the way through the “Vogue” and “Blond Ambition” periods. Still to this day, perhaps on a talk show or one of her other rare appearances, you can sometimes still see a remnant of true vintage Madonna fashion!

We have compiled an extensive, I guess you could say, portal of one of this Woman’s favorite pastimes, Madonna’s extensive use of wardrobe accessories.

Painted Madonna