Madonna the Material Girl Walked the Talk!

During the time period between 1982-1985 the now pop icon Madonna was brilliantly crafting her music, not to mention her career. By the time 1985 rolled around, at the age of 26-27 Madonna had already achieved something very few do, stardom, eight singles record hits, and had been deemed Madonna Material Girl.

Being labeled as the Material Girl was not just some manager or promoters fabricated sales pitch, but actually was a way of life for Madonna and became a project of great interest to her. Madonna Material Girl not just a title became very evident in the video “Material Girl” where Madonna is actually suggesting herself as being the character depicted and not a fictitious person.

Due to the media frenzy surrounding the promoting, recording, and filming of this iconic event, Madonna was progressively solidifying her role as the “Material Girl” but not without disappointment and regret. It has been documented that Madonna wished she had never made the video or recorded the song. Hence Madonna Material Girl – Not Just a Title.

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