Add Madonna Accessories to Accent Your Theme!

To compliment any Madonna costume, you must include an array of her wild accessories and 80s type modifications.

This particular kind of look was the rage of the 80s amongst some of the most popular pop stars of all time.
Remember 80s Cyndi LauperCyndi Lauper from the mid 80s, notice the resemblance? But again, our girl of 80s fashion is the one that started the ball rolling and Madonna accessories were one of her biggest trend setters.

Last but not least, let’s now take a stroll down Madonna lane and browse some of the Madonna Accessories available to use in conjunction with Madonna Costumes!


A couple of accessories that Madonna would Never be without in these particular days are her Crucifix style Necklaces & Earrings/Piercings. Most of the time, multiples of each!
Your sure to find the ones that are right for you and your representation of Madonna.




We all know how innocent (yeah right), young, and mysterious Madonnas fingerless gloves made her look, or what about all the cool boots & shoes she was always sporting? From the early low ankle boots and slipper shoes to the seductive knee leathers, this lady has class. Let’s see what you come up with to add one of the final touches to your outfit!




One of the main accessories that made Madonna, “Madonna” was of course her huge array of multiple bangle/rubber bracelets, with a little silver mixed in, which in those days you rarely saw her without and as we remember, another instrument of her wardrobe that gave her that certain appeal to the hungry followers that made Madonna the iconic figure she is today. Oh, we’re sorry, we almost forgot. You can’t be an iconic pop star without a microphone!





Painted Madonna