The End of an Icon

David Bowie’s ageless persona has fascinated our culture for decades and will continue to fascinate our culture infinitely. David’s characters were always relevant whether they were created psychosomatically or through other inspirations including his own personality, which was also somewhat a mystery, but always appropriately and uniquely defined the man and the icon.

Any teenager of the beginning Bowie era, starting with his first breakout hit “Space Oddity” 1969, grew up with this man and were incidentally or directly influenced by him. As the old saying goes, he provided a large piece of the sound track of their lives. Don’t think so? At the very least look at the fashion trends over the last almost 50 years, even my own eluded fantastic thoughts and activities of the early seventies have been articulated in my mind and cherished memories of the past, thanks to David Bowie.

To paraphrase a quote by Gene Simmons, when interviewed on CNN, basically Gene said; “There’s a lot of great bands, entertainers, and solo artist in the industry that have influenced many other likewise people, but there are only a very few way up at the top that have, using their own ingenuity, revolutionized the industry”.

From Space Oddity, The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust, Aladdin Sane, etc. to The Thin White Duke and his perfect hair and fashionable attire, David Bowie was a true innovator and influence across all genres of music, fashion and theater not to mention a household name and will be deeply missed.

This video production (by Alan Yentob, filmed in 1974 for the BBC) gives a superb feel and insightful look into the early attributes of a constantly changing frail and articulate genius.

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