Trick or Treat as the “Material Girl” this Halloween!

Madonna costumes and apparel are still extremely relevant even after more then three decades, and always one of the most popular choices among individuals for the Halloween season as well as other festive occasions.

Style of Madonna

When it comes to entertainment, Madonna is one of the most popular and controversial personalities throughout the world and again, at the risk of being redundant, for over three decades she has provided the public with many treats and has pulled off many industry specific tricks in her life. This year, you can take part in all of the action by trick or treating as the “Material Girl because even the Queen of pop knows that Halloween is considered to be one of the most festive holidays of the year.

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If you plan on taking part in all of the festivities that surround this holiday, you have many options to choose from. There are many different types of Madonna outfits that are favored among fans everywhere.
Madonna Costume Layout

As you step out for a fun-filled and magical night beneath the harvest moon that is so widely celebrated among many, it is common to observe the typical spectacular costumes that have been sported by people all throughout time. You will see the classic ghosts and goblins of Halloween, the mysterious vampires, and the witches that are common when the pumpkins are lit and the bowls of candy are set beside the front doors of homes across the nation. Why not step out of the traditional Halloween costumes and take a step back into the 80s when arcade games were all the rage, the “Brat Pack” was commonly seen on television, and when music was everything? Madonna costumes from the 80s represent the 80s pop culture while also paving a path for the 90s and will allow you to take that desperately needed journey back to when those fads were popular.

Madonna, Debut Album Cover 1983Throughout the 1980s, Madonna showed us many sides of herself. In the earliest days of her career, she was deemed the “Material Girl”. In the year of 1983, millions flocked to music stores worldwide to pick up her debut album. Right from the start, she was considered to be different and controversial. She used many strategies to win attention and those strategies actually worked for her in numerous ways. Not only did her lyrics ride the boundaries of acceptable, her wardrobe also drew a lot of attention. Not everyone appreciated her lavish and controversial style, but most will agree that she was able to successfully make her point.

Today, you will find many Madonna costumes that display her many looks throughout the 1980s. You will even find Halloween costumes that exhibit her fashion flair from the 1990s.

If you are interested in Madonna costumes, you will find – with a little research – that there are many different ones to choose from. The first consideration that you will need to make is which style you find to be the most appealing. You can choose from those that represent this entertainer in her “Like a Virgin” attire, those that show her strutting her stuff in “Lucky Star”, as well as those that display her as the true “Material Girl” of the decade.

You will also find Madonna costumes for women that display the more grown up and sophisticated Madonna such as her attire in the “Blond Ambition World Tour“, her “Open Your Heart” video, as well as those that display her “Vogue” sense.

As the moon lights your way on Halloween night, you will want to ensure that you not only capture the essence of the holiday but that you also successfully capture the essence of that which you find to be the most appealing. If you are a Madonna fan, it is only appropriate that you consider choosing from one of the many Madonna costumes that are available on the market today. When choosing a costume, it is important to ensure that you have all of the accessories that you will need in order to bring out the true nature of the “Material Girl”. Examples of the most common accessories include the popular bangle bracelets, the cross necklaces, the lace gloves, black sunglasses, and even the artistic hair accessories that she often wore during the earliest days of her career.

Halloween Costumes, Madonna Style!

Halloween is a fun and magical holiday. It allows you to create a totally new persona for yourself for an entire night. It is a night of play, surprises, and entertainment. Why not optimize your experiences this Halloween? Choosing the right costume can mean the difference between a boring night and an exciting night. Madonna has always been considered to be one of the most exciting personalities in television, movies, and music. By choosing one of the many Madonna costumes available on the market today, and optimizing that costume with the right accessories, you will be setting the pace for an exciting and spooktacular evening!

Everybody, First Madonna SingleMadonnas first ever live performance of “Everybody” in 1982 New York City, also being her first single record release, which an original sealed copy of this record today goes for between 150.00 – 200.00 dollars! You can easily imagine her stardom to come, especially following with the single releases of “Burning Up”, “Holiday”, “Lucky Star”, “Borderline”, the infamous “Like a Virgin”, and of course “Material Girl” and “Crazy for You”.

Even though Madonnas upbringing was in a small part of Bay City, MI, her career started to flourish amongst the club scene in NY. where she was already famous, before her universal recognition as an 80s pop star.

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A show that Only Madonna could pull off, in true Madonna fashion! Awesome!
Surprising though… there were no wardrobe malfunctions.

I know this Vid is a little dated, but it’s still awesome!

Painted Madonna Portrait